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released January 11, 2016

Written, arranged, recorded, and produced by SRCFLP

Mastered by Daddy Kev

Track 2, 10
additional vocals by Racquel Roberts & MasOul

Track 3, 4, 9
additional vocals by Aimi Shibata

Track 3
additional synth/FX by Alex Koch

Track 11
contains interpolation of I Heard A Sigh by Cortex

Art direction and Artwork by Miko Murao



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


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SRCFLP Los Angeles, California

Artist and sonic craftsman SRCFLP makes beat compositions that mix up ingredients from ‘90s Golden Age hip-hop with South American Afro-Latin flavors, a dash of jazz and electronic seasonings.
Every fresh melody, harmony and beat he dreams up is an intricate piece of a grand, thought-igniting conversation about the vivid world, carried out on the sound system of a more discerning dance floor.
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Track Name: Hours

We allocate time like a precious resource
spending hours in the lab/ sharpening, absorbing courses like an inmate/
self-taught...putting in time and time’s money to grab so mines' spent
not wasted/

Hasting to find these spirits that are kindred/ in it for the long shot/
Carefully purchasing/ recoup is requisite / paper cultivation like a thicket. The world's part wicked so we take it with a grain of salt/
Posers catching vapor where the density is thickest (Who’s John Galt?)
Steady dream, daily strive, keep the inner-fire live/
Still I (space shuttle like the) Endeavor, put aside money for recording-time/
Occupy like 99…Taking over sounds over airwaves/
Lullabies dubbed over making of a freedom song in between the lines/ finding truth laughing/...
Casting rhymes dedicated to the souls never lost... their passion

When dream's deferred by stark reality, the circumstance will forge your strength...Your soul will set you free!
It seems in vain but you got to try and try, again and again...what matters to you.

Hourglass...with a little push...shatters.
Precious is the little grains of sands in it (What matters to you?)
Breaking through recurring patterns (Blessed is to realize your power!)
Track Name: Koyaanisqatsi
- Koyaanisqatsi (Life out of balance) -

71% covered in mass body of water/
arrival of destiny...result/ shine on the martyr
Believe strong...might tilt slight "right" with left vision
depart night flight/ above sight...watch towers.

Power de-flourished, un-nourished, zombie kids don't die
Come alive after midnight hours/ Koyaanisqatsi

This crazy life/ living a mechanized civilized lie
Open your third eye...cross the alter state border/
Free your slave mind...Ain't talking bout the skin color/
This time make moves silently
upload data frequently/ secretly planning escape from Neo-colony

Follow the rabbit

Habit...had it/
glad it happened a long time ago/
one hit of that nice shit could give your brain a fatal blow
Subtlety intensifying the color of sound at its core/
Thin line between realization and its metaphors

(act 2: Supply and Demand Economics theory)

Intertwined like the sloped lines defining the underlying supply curves aligned with demands...
like Theory of Moral sentiments, hands get dirty when fracturing petroleum.

Soft core (fucking toys)
They try to a run number on the people like the *10% would do/
Truth lurking in the dark web lest the voodoo/
I’m a xxx vertebrate anomaly

Slouching over liquidated crystal displays
We be stray cats alley/ not junkies strung out
Caravan like sarai (block from the skid row)
Understand a coin toss doesn't heal shit/

Alright/ so shall we serenade this Land of the Dead classism/
paradox like a first-world nation having caste

"Cash Rules Everything Around you" but your soul/
unless being a puppet for the man was your goal

*opposed to the 5 percenters
Track Name: Port of the Soul
- Port of Soul -

Voy a navegar
al puerto del alma
cruzando el mar
hasta que llegaré

I'm going to navigate
to the port of the soul
crossing the sea
until I arrive

...my crew's getting dues/dews
not just the money
the way of a shadow when life succumbs gully
main-squeeze juice from hands wring out hearts...
Ain't nothin' funny when blood paints your art
bump trunks like Goyard
Dead serious, dizzy from dumb-box...hilarious
Dough cutter assembly line caused delirium
A half minute advertise booing/ Shut-it-down-sound
Marshall when I say McLuhan
Steppin' out the ocean (from a fish eye view)/ distillery for thoughts
makes ice cold brewing
Naked in the hour when plants go to sleep
Cruisin' while robots don't sleep/ they make noise or the music
Track Name: Tidings
- Tidings -

Come fly with me on a private jet plane/ your own experience of
flows so high/ born to be alive/ yea we're kickin' it in the lap of luxury
let's bounce...from the mounds juggling work that pays off/
Hustle I dream up, bustle, n out for nice things "Ice Cream" treats for my girl/ world traveling 'cross the seven sea pearl/ deep diver/
right into the ocean love 9 potion rubbed into your skin lotion/
dip and ride the vast motion/
Wave, sound, surfing 9 feet stacking up/ dome tweeter, bass cabin, Earth shaker...not enough/ so mic check/ I'm spitting out the pocket/ steady come profit for LIFE/ we is on it!
Everyday, the first thought be "Gratitude"/ Positive, get in tune, straighten up my attitude/ Drift off? Steer it right back, redirect path! like the pleasures when I focus on the blessings and rhymes from the cardiac/
Soul blasts vigorously/ There's no need to be so rigor just ease up!

Don't take things so hard/ in this life you're a star/
so shed the fear/ embrace the joy that follows
Haters fall aside/ when Lovers take the sky/
You're stronger when you listen to your soul

You're now free to unfasten your seat belt/ and walk around free on a velvety rope. This is your captain speaking through the bullet proof speaker: "Las antibalas sonido parlante" kicker, somber vanisher/
balancing tight rope/ we stand out from the copy cats who can't cope with this original definition of what's dope/ Living vivid even when the colors are taupe/ Selectah! in control of the dance floor/ The party don't stop till the last record drops/ the X marks the spot/ make it hot (sober or not)/
a bedrock/ shake your Takara/ Running things...
call it Chaparral/ here we are, loosen up, check you out/ looking tip-top view from the mountain top's beautiful like money falling from above/
good to go/ tank's full of shiny jewel...you got to let love rule!